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Five New Titles
The Governor's Summer Reading Challenge is a reflection of my certainty that reading is a fundamental skill that will serve you throughout your life. I am counting on every student in grades kindergarten through sixth to read at least five books this summer, track your progress on the tracking sheet, and have it signed by your parent or guardian before submitting it to your school librarian when school resumes. I encourage you to read more than five, and obtain additional tracking sheets at the public libraries, were you will find access to a variety of reading choices.
  The Virgin Islands Department of Education is excited to partner with the Office of the Governor for the 8th Annual Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge. The Challenge is a great way to keep students engaged in reading during the summer months, and is an activity the Department of Education looks forward to each year. Reading is fun! Parents, I encourage you to read to your children and allow them to read to you. Discuss the books you read this summer and let your imagination run wild. Have a great summer and Governor Mapp and I look forward to seeing you at his Big Celebration when the Challenge ends!

32 Pages

Oh, no! Is the baby missing? Or hiding in plain sight? The noisy rooster knows where the baby is. Do you?

A dreamy mystery that the reader solves, visually, from the first page. The end of the book includes an added counting element with the sea and shore creatures pictured in the beautiful, vibrant illustrations.

24 Pages

Two young readers decide to imitate their favorite book and follow the ways of the pirates by wearing handkerchiefs on their head, patches over one eye, and even making scary faces. But when it comes to having a parrot on their shoulder, things get a little tricky. The only parrot they know belongs to the neighbor. Can they be pirates without a parrot? Or will they have to become real pirates and steal the parrot? A very different children’s pirate book with a funny, surprising, and happy ending.

32 Pages

The first book in a new series of books about Caribbean nature.

Whether it flies, runs, crawls, swims, or just sways in the wind, Close to Nature will bring you a book about it. We dedicate our first volume to the brown pelican, a bird that most of us know by sight, but probably have learned little about. Did you know that pelicans have the longest bill of any bird in the world, and that it is one of the few land animals that can drink salt water?
Fully illustrated with stunning photographs taken in the Virgin Islands, Brown Pelicans will educate and delight readers of all ages.

32 Pages

This Broo ‘Nansi story is the first in a new book series by Little Bell Caribbean appropriately titled Under the Big Tree: Traditional Tales of the Caribbean and Beyond. Our goal is to help preserve and continue the storytelling tradition for many generations to come.

Broo Tukuma knows better, but as the good brother that he is, he can’t watch his nephews starve. So, much against his better judgment, he takes Broo ‘Nansi (that good for nothing fellow) to get food from his secret garden. The trip turns into a disaster when Broo ‘Nansi disobeys his brother
’s strict orders.

Another great Broo ‘Nansi story filled with the humor and wisdom that only this ancient little spider can impart. A must-read for all Virgin Islanders, and for anyone who loves a good tale.

176 Pages, Young Adult Chapter Book

Is this a Cinderella story? Caribel’s stepmother treats her cruelly. But in Caribel’s story, there are also people who care for her: an uncle, who is now her pen pal, a spritely old lady who lives hidden away in the bush, and a devoted school teacher. Caribel hopes that someday she’ll become a real, “inside” member of her family, if only she can be good enough. She tries her best. She does her chores. She wins the school spelling bee. But
what does good enough mean? Can she be good and keep secrets, too? Or speak her mind? Or break a promise? Or, when the time comes, save her own life?


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